Always extra garlic,

always extra vanilla.

For me, cooking has always been about feeling. 


It started when I was a young boy, watching my grandmother and parents create amazing meals

that we shared as a family.


I would sit in the kitchen and watch the way

they seasoned things - a pinch more of this,

a dash of that, tasting until the dish came together. 

They could get down in the kitchen like no other.

But what mattered most was the how.  How they

interacted with one another and the the feeling

that I took away from the time together. 

This has made me who I am and shaped how I

cook today. Creating sensational food and sense of

shared connection with others is my passion.  When

you feel something wonderful, you want to talk about it,

mention it to others.  Hence, mentionables_eats was

born.  And it is now my sole focus after many years 

working in a corporate setting. 


When I cook, I think about the people who will be

gathered together and the role my food will have in

their experience.  I, too, add extra dashes of

this and that, until the flavor journey is just right.

Because I want people to experience affordable,

luxurious food, whether its in a casual weeknight setting, for a special celebratory event, time with closest friends or a family gathering.  


I look forward to working with each of my clients to achieve this. 


Because food is love.


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Emma Brown, Blogger - Oh My Goodness